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The zucchini is a long, cylindrical vegetable, slightly smaller at the stem end, usually dark green in colour. The flesh is a pale greenish-white and has a delicate, almost sweet flavour.

Sold as 1 large zucchini 

Steel Pony Farm works at the cutting edge of soil health, with a mandate that healthy food comes from healthy soil. They are committed to an active program of cover cropping, soil amending, and no-till production, and developing the tools necessary to establish a resilient soil system. Fresh, local and chemical-free, Steel Pony ensures delicious produce by putting love and care into every sustainably grown seed.

Together, CultivatR and Steel Pony Farm practice Predictive Agriculture. Predictive Agriculture means that you get your food, as soon as it has grown. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also  gives you the best tasting food. As such delivery times 

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