Local Produce | Lettuce - Multi Leaf Trio | 1pc

Inspired Greens
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It takes just one cut to turn your leafy greens into a waterfall of bright colours and big taste.

Inspired Greens brings new ideas to your table – mixing the rich tastes of nature and making fresh, healthy meals easy to prepare. From buttery to nutty, sweet to spicy, tender to crunchy, you get a combination of tastes and textures that makes salads simple and lunches lively.

We grow our produce in innovative, environmentally responsible greenhouses located in the pristine foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Inspired Greens brings you clean, fresh, great-tasting produce all through the year, with the goal of inspiring healthy meals and healthy lives.

The trios create meals with a contrast of taste, texture, colours & shapes all from one head. You can feed your whole family, or cut only a portion from the root for a single-serve salad.

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