Artisan Charcuterie | Tartufo Black Truffle Salami - Sliced | 100g

VDG Salumi
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Rich cured pork flavour paired well with deep and earthy black truffle. An excellent choise for charcuterie boards or on a homemade pizza. 

Sold per 100g tray. 


Ingredients: Pork, salt, sugars (dextrose), spices, truffle oil, tartufatta, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite. 

VDG Salumi was founded with a simple passion for Italian food and the culture of enjoying Italian cuisine. Souring their pork from Bear and the Flower Farm, and their beef from Gemstone Grass Fed Beef, all of their products are made in Alberta with local ingredients. VDG is also proudly partnered with Inclusion Alberta, giving working opportunities to those with developmental disabilities.  



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