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Barley was one of the first crops cultivated by man. Hulled barley is made by removing the hull from the whole barley. Try hulled barley for additional nutrition in soups and stews.

Barley has more protein than corn, brown rice, millet, sorghum or rye, and is higher in fibre and lower in soluble (starchy) carbohydrates than almost all other whole grains.

In scientific studies, the ancient grain barley has been shown to reduce the risk of many modern diseases. Barley can be milled into various fractions, producing different cuts, pearls, flours, grits, and flakes. Barley offers many of the same vitamins and minerals as other whole grains but offers unique health benefits from its high levels of soluble beta-glucan fibre. Beta-glucans help reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar, and improve immune system function.

At Grainworks, farming is their passion, family, and foundation. Their commitment to healthy foods and a healthy planet started with their great grandparents’ homestead over a century ago. Today, they grow Certified Organic, Non-GMO grains and legumes on some of Canada’s most fertile farmland.

Grainworks knows great food springs from the good seeds sown in harmony with nature. It all begins with the best seed, carefully tended and harvested. If it can’t be grown here on the prairies, they have searched far and wide for organic farmers and suppliers in other climate and soil zones that share their passion for great food and a healthy earth.



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