Local Produce | Cabbage - Green | 1pc

Sudo Farms
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Green cabbage has tightly wrapped pale green, thick and pliable leaves. Round, solid and almost white in the centre, this vegetable is heavy for its size. The leaves are firm when raw and tender when cooked. Green cabbage offers a sweet, grassy flavour with a mustardy finish referred to as ‘cruciferous,’ a trademark characteristic of Brassicas.

Sold per individual cabbage head (approx 5lbs).

Sudo farms is a small farm that grows specialty produce in Southern Alberta. They follow organic farming practices (non gmo seeds, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, and natural fertilizers). Because they are a small farm, the costs to get organic certification would raise their prices too much.  It is why Cultivatr believes it's important to actually know your farmer rather than relying on a purchased certification.



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