Local Produce | Caulilini | 1 Head

Sudo Farms
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Often called "Baby Cauliflower", Caulilini is actually its own plant. It, like broccolini, has a long, narrow, and tender stem, and looser, smaller florets. It’s a striking vegetable, as the stem, unlike in regular cauliflower, is green, while the florets are a sort of blonde color, giving the vegetable a two-toned look.

Sudo farms is a small farm that grows specialty produce in Southern Alberta. They follow organic farming practices (non gmo seeds, no chemical pesticides or herbicides, and natural fertilizers). Because they are a small farm, the costs to get organic certification would raise their prices too much.  It is why Cultivatr believes it's important to actually know your farmer rather than relying on a purchased certification. 



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