Local Produce | Baby Red Beets | 1LB

Sudo Farms
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Baby Red beets are popularly consumed raw in salads and in cooked applications such as roasting, steaming, frying, and boiling. It is important to note that Baby Red beets will bleed a dark red hue when raw or cooked, and this liquid has the potential to stain surfaces and skin. The roots can be roasted whole to develop a caramelized consistency, steamed to create a soft, tender flesh, or sliced thinly into wedges and fried into chips.

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Sudo Farm is very invested in Lethbridge's food systems – not only do they supply seasonal produce to CultivatR customers, but they also supply produce to a variety of local cafés and restaurants. Nobby and Sudo Farms has been a part of the changing food system landscape in southern Alberta since 1997.



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