Local Kim Chi Sauerkraut | 500ml Jar

Holy Kraut!
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While not traditional Kim Chi, this might actually be better.  Unpasteurised, hand cut and made from Alberta Chemical Free produce and Canadian see weed.  There is no sugar or fish used in the Kim Chi.  Vegan as well

Owner Tricia is a certified raw food chef through Pachavega. From there she learned how important raw foods and fermentation is for your body and health. She couldn't deal with how sauerkraut made in Canada was tricky to find and the flavors were so boring! She learned quickly that sauerkraut does not have to be just "the expected" but can be exciting and absolutely delicious. 

Ingredients: Cabbage, H20, Tomato, Ancho Chili, Radish, Onion, Dulse, Garlic, Sea Salt. 



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