Local Herbs | Fresh Mint | 28g

Amiable Organics
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Mint is an aromatic herb that can grow anywhere from 10 to 120 centimeters tall, depending on the variety. It spreads readily via underground horizontal roots and is characterized by its unique stem structure, as the erect stems have a square shape instead of round. Mint will sprout tiny purple, pink, or white flowers if allowed to bloom; however, it will lose some of its essential oil, making the leaves less fragrant and flavourful.

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Amiable Organics is a family-owned and operated farm, run by husband and wife duo, Josh and Angie Mans. Their journey into the world of organic farming began in 2016 when Josh first dabbled with gardening while working for Galimax Trading. He quickly fell in love with it, and the gardening bug has never left him since.