Heat and Eat | Curry Pack | Assorted Varieties

Shiki Menya
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Just heat and serve over rice. Top with an optional fried or boiled egg and scallions.

Choose from two of Shiki Menya's popular curries:

Keema Curry -  A traditional Indian curry dish made of ground beef, minced vegetables, and spices.

Beef Curry - A savoury mild stew made with beef, potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, and mild curry spices.

Sold as 1 frozen package. Serves 2

“Kodawari” means to have an uncompromising devotion to pursuing perfection by paying careful attention to the smallest details and quality. Shiki Menya is compelled by their kodawari to use quality ingredients like local beef , organic eggs, purified water, and fresh vegetables.



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