Heat and Eat | 'Apple Pie' Handheld Pie

Ubuntu Pies
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Using a variety of flavorful fillings, encased in our buttery flaky pastry, we have created one of the best desserts few can resist- a puff pastry dessert pie. Enjoy it cold or warm. Serve it with your favorite scoop of ice cream and watch it disappear or just have a go at it.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, butter, water, salt, liquid whole eggs, apples, glucose-fructose, modified cornstarch, ascorbic acid, citric acid, malic acid, potassium sorbate, salt, calcium chloride

Reheating Instructions: Preheat standard oven to 375°F. Bake until internal temperature is 74°C (35-40 mins).

Sold per individual pie. Product arrives frozen. 

What if profit was as important as our passion for helping youth in need achieve their potential? Ubuntu Pies was established with a purpose of assisting youth on their journey to self-sufficiency as valuable and community-minded members of society. Ubuntu is a way of life and is often translated to “I am because we are.” In other words, a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu dictates a spirit of compassion, sharing, kindness and respect towards other people and that is how Ubuntu Pies pledges to conduct their business  as they work with young people to help them impact their communities by developing their skills that lead to a fulfilling future. 



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