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As you may already know Red Fox Fungi is a gourmet mushroom farm proudly growing the best quality chemical and pesticide free gourmet mushrooms in Southern Alberta. What you may not know is that we also dehydrate our hand-picked mushrooms and create craft seasoning blends with them. All our blends contain NO msg, NO preservatives or fillers. We believe in safe food. 

Crafting the seasoning blends is an amazing hands-on process that our small team does on the farm. After dehydrating all the varieties of tree loving mushrooms that we grow, we powder them, and then blend them with quality ingredients to bring you one stop, show stopping, mushroom seasoning blends. All you need is “The Secret Ingredient” to elevate any dish you create.


A fine grind blend of farm crafted Mixed Mushroom Powder, Onion, Dehydrated Kimchi Powder, and Chilli Flakes this unique savory heat is anything but your traditional spicy. Not over the top hot, but rich, earthy, and savory, use this to compliment seafood, sweet potatoes, in soups and sauces, or finishing meals. This is a crowd favorite on popcorn! We source our dehydrated Kimchi powder from another local Alberta company, Marigold Manufacturing, for this Secret Ingredient collab.


Ingredients: Mixed Mushroom Powder (Blue Oster, Pearl Oyster, Elm Oyster, Lions Maine, King Oyster, Chestnut, Pioppino) Onion Powder, Dehydrated Kimchi Powder, Crushed Chili Flakes, Yellow Mustard Powder, Kosher Salt, Thyme, White Pepper, Cayenne Powder



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