Handmade Frozen Pierogies | 1 lb

Taste Of Ukraine
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These pierogies might be the best you've ever tried. With 8 varieties, there is a little something for everyone. 

Taste of Ukraine's mission is to use locally sourced ingredients from local farmers, and Alberta distributors and made everything by hand with love.

Sold in 1 lb bags (approx. 14 pierogies).

Potato, Onion & Bacon Ingredients: Potato, bacon, paprika, onion, butter, flour eggs, pepper, salt, oil. 

Potato, Onion & Dill Ingredients: Potato, paprika, butter, oil, onion, dill, flour, eggs, pepper, salt.

Potato & Cheddar Ingredients: Potato, cheddar cheese, flour, eggs, pepper, salt, oil, butter. 

Potato, Cheddar & Bacon Ingredients: Potato, cheddar cheese, bacon, flour, eggs, pepper, salt, oil, butter.

Potato & Cottage Cheese Ingredients: Potato, cottage cheese, flour, eggs, pepper, salt, dill, cream cheese, oil.

Potato & Sauerkraut Ingredients: Potato, sauerkraut, butter, oil, onion, flour, eggs, pepper, salt. 

Dill Pickle Ingredients: Potato, dill pickle, onion, flour, eggs, oil, dill, salt, pepper.




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