Alberta Free Range Chicken | Chicken Wings | 1lb

LP Farming
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A staple for game-night gatherings or nights out with friends. When fried, chicken wings are a classic finger food. Coming from Lone Pine Farm Fresh Chicken, these chicken wings are not only delicious, but also Certified Humane. Great when fried, baked, or in the air fryer, just don't forget the sauce!

Sold per approx 1lb package. Product arrives frozen. 

Lone Pine Farm Fresh Chicken is located north of Calgary and is part of the Lone Pine Hudderite colony. They pride themselves on producing healthy chickens that are grown without any antibiotics, medications, or hormones. Fed with grains grown on their own farm, these animals are not fed any soy or animal products. At Lone Pine Colony, animal care and safety are always a priority. All of their products are Certified Humane, which intends to assures consumers that these animals were raised where they can express their natural behaviours and move around freely, and raised without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.



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