Local Produce | Blue Oyster Mushrooms | 0.25lb

Red Fox Farms Fungi
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Grown to order and harvested no more than 1 day before delivery from Wheatland County, AB, these blue oyster mushrooms look, and taste great. With dark blue to blue-grey coloured caps and creamy coloured gills, blue oyster mushrooms have a spongy, dense, and slightly chewy consistency. When raw, the mushrooms bear a scent reminiscent of the seashore combined with anise and have a subtly metallic flavour. Once cooked, Blue Oyster mushrooms soften, developing a velvety, tender texture and contain a mild, earthy, and savoury taste with licorice-like nuances

Sold per 0.25lb bag.

In late 2018 coworkers Janine and Brad found themselves chatting at a BBQ hosted at Brad’s farm. Brad was looking for a new hobby project and Janine had been researching mushroom farming on an urban scale. Fast forward brainstorming over a keg of beer, and a business plan was born.Since their 2019 start up, Red Fox Fungi has established itself as a premier gourmet mushroom farm, specializing in direct to chef and grocer. They have not lost sight of their focus on local and partnerships with their community, and as an added bonus, they are likely to show up in shorts and sandals in all weather! You’ll know who they are.



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