Artisan Grains, Seeds and Flour | Pancake and Waffle Mix - Camper's Classic | 500g

Buttermilk Fine Waffles
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Our newest mix is a just-add-water pancake mix that makes a remarkably well-rounded and delicious pancake. Heading for the woods this summer? You'll want to bring a bag of this along for an easy and delicious brunch by the campfire.

Buttermilk Fine Waffles opened its doors on May 14th, 2015. Using a beloved family recipe, Buttermilk quickly earned a reputation for serving its light & fluffy waffles in a variety of sweet and savoury ways.

Through countless experimenting, we developed our proprietary pancake & waffle mix formula. We now sell this incredible mix in retail locations throughout Canada.

There are a lot of mixes out there, but none of them compare to the incredibly light and fluffy pancakes and waffles our product makes!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, rye flour, sugars (dextrose), whey powder, soya flour, salt, sodium bicarbonite, monocalcium phosphate, artificial flavour, sodium aluminium phosphate, dried albumen (egg whites, bakers yeast, citric acid), calona and/or soybean oil



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