Artisan Dairy | Bles Wold Greek Yogurt - Assorted Flavors | 500g

Bles Wold
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This exceptionally creamy Greek style yogurt is made by combining cream and milk.

This yogurt, like of all of their yogurts, contains no added artificial preservatives but of course does contain all the added probiotic benefits you’d expect.

At Bles-Wold, they are pretty confident that they make the best, most delicious yogurt that you’ll ever taste. Made with milk from their own cows at their own farm.

Made locally and sold locally.

Their yogurts are made of all natural ingredients and contain live probiotic cultures.

Ingredients Plain: pasteurized whole milk, cream, skim milk powder, active bacterial culture

Ingredients Coconut: Pasteurized whole milk, cream, flavor base (water, natural cane sugar, coconut, modified corn starch, coconut flavor, natural flavors, lemon juice concentrate) skim milk powder, active bacterial culture



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