Alberta Natural Grain Finished Beef | NY Striploin | Various Sizes

Springvale Colony
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This cut, also known as New York Strip, doesn't have the large fat pockets of a ribeye, but is still very flavorful. The striploin is denser than the ribeye, with a different texture that many diners prefer. It is easier to cook as the lower fat content makes it less likely to be the victim of a barbecue. 

Sold by the individual steak. Product arrives frozen. 

The beef at Springvale Hutterite Colony is grown and raised on their family farm near Rockyford Alberta with no added hormones, steroids or antibiotics. The beef operation consists of an elite cow/calf program and long yearling grazing. The mama cows are wintered at home on winter grazing fields where they’re nourished with a specially blended mixture of forage varieties. Before calving, they are moved to the Springvale cow camp where they run on pure native pastures. Their calves are born in mid-march in heated barns and warmed facilities. Once spring rolls around the cow-calf pairs are turned onto lush pastures where they graze all summer long and much of the fall.



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