Alberta Grass Fed Bison Ribeye | Various Sizes

Mount Bison & Cattle Company
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People often call the comparison between bison meat and beef Battle of the Red Meat. The result? Almost all sources say that bison is healthier, tastier, and better for the environment.

Although similar in taste and texture, bison has nearly 25% fewer calories than beef and is lower in total and saturated fat while offering a higher protein content. Due to its lower fat content, bison has finer fat marbling, yielding softer and more tender meat.

As first-generation farmers in Caroline, Alberta, Mount Bison & Cattle Company raises grass-fed & finished Bison. Bison are perfectly suited to conditions in Alberta as they have ranged and evolved here over thousands of years. Cold Alberta winters don’t bother them in the slightest. Bison have so many unique advantages because they are much more similar to their wild ancestors than their domestic cousins. Mount Bison & Cattle Company aims to provide you with a quality product that is as close to nature as we can get, and it is their mission to help bring this sustainable, delicious and nutritious food source to more Albertans.