Alberta Grass Fed Beef | Tomahawk Steaks | 1pc

Springvale Fine Foods
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The tomahawk steak is essentially a bone-in ribeye steak. It is taken from the rib section, with the large rib bone still attached. Its appearance resembles that of a tomahawk axe. Having a bone-in ribeye insulates the meat while it cooks, making your meat more moist and tender.

Approximate size: 35 oz

Springvale  is a multifamily community with farming and agricultural roots nestled in the Rosebud River Valley north of Rockyford, Alberta.

Their colony was founded and established in 1918 when their ancestors migrated from South Dakota to continue the farming lifestyle they initiated before they came.

Today, they are still practicing the same trades, just in the modern day we live in.

The Beef Pork and Poultry here at Springvale Fine Foods are raised in the most humane sustainable manner and exceeds all animal welfare practices, making our end-products a health-minded nutritious choice for everyone.

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