Alberta Grass Fed Beef | NY Striploin Steak - Thick Cut | Various Sizes

Gemstone Grass Fed Beef
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This cut, also known as New York Strip, doesn't have the large fat pockets of a ribeye, but is still very flavourful. The striploin is denser than the ribeye, with a different texture that many diners prefer. It is easier to cook as the lower fat content makes it less likely to be the victim of a barbecue.  

We dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days. All of our meat is humanely handled and inspected in facilities licensed by the province of Alberta. 

Gemstone Grass Fed Beef is the fourth generation Doerksen family farm raising grass-fed, family-owned, ethically-raised, grass-finished premium Alberta beef without added hormones, antibiotics, and GMO’s. Their vision supplies a trusted nutritious source of grass-fed beef to their community, and their approach to raising cattle is rooted in family values, respect for the land, and stewardship of their livestock. Gemstone provides nutritious products from healthy, happy animals raised on rich Alberta prairie soil in the grasslands of Gem, Alberta. 

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