Skipper Otto Community Supported Fishery

Skipper Otto was started to help small independent fishermen earn a fair price for their catch and has since grown into a movement to change the seafood industry and preserve independent Canadian fishing. 

Why preserve independent fishing? 
Skipper Otto works to preserve independent fishing in Canada because it is a large part of our cultural heritage and economy. Independent fishing is also a more sustainable way of fishing as it happens on a smaller scale.  

What’s Skipper Otto doing differently? 

Skipper Otto’s unique supply chain calls for members to make a pledge to purchase a share of seafood beforthe fishing season begins to help fishermen manage the high upfront costs that come with independent fishing.  

How does Skipper Otto work? 

1) Make a pledge to our community.  

Sign up to secure a certain amount of fish for this season, using Skipper Otto’s share calculator.  

2) Our fishermen hit the seas. 

Our fishermen catch seasonal, sustainable fish and are paid a fair price for their catch. 

3) Take your pick from the catch! 

Choose from a wide variety of seasonal seafood on Skipper Otto’s online store. Choose Cultivatr as your “Pick up location”. 

4) Have your seafood dropped off by Cultivatr 

Since Cultivatr is now in partnership with Skipper Otto, we’ll handle the delivery process of your order! 

Excited for fresh, local seafood?  

Sign up to become a Skipper Otto member and have fresh seafood delivered through Cultivatr!