Our Story

Our story begins with a dream to build a bridge between Alberta farmers and your kitchen. We are an online farmers’ market delivering natural, antibiotic & hormone-free, cost-efficient, and locally-sourced food products straight to your home. 

People used to only eat what was available around where they lived, which was naturally dependent on geography, climate, season. In the past few decades, however, the sphere of land, people, and businesses that provide a community with their food has vastly grown.

As technology made it possible to access food beyond that sphere, the food industry changed. Production increased immensely, developing into a global and complex structure that simultaneously made products around the world more accessible, while expanding and homogenizing markets. This built a “more efficient” system, since it is more effective for a large farm to produce a larger percentage of a specific crop than for many smaller farms to produce a variety of crops.

Food became subject to regulation, quality control, taste & appearance inspection, and inventory control – so the time and space between the growth and production of your food and its arrival on your table greatly increased. But food is perishable, and product suffered. Animals suffered. Local businesses suffered, and our environment suffered. Food became a victim of its own efficiency.

Our goal is to rebuild the relationship people have with their food, and where it comes from. We’re here to connect the city with the countryside where food is grown and produced. We want to link local livelihood with sustenance, and provide consumers with a connection to sustainable, ethical meat and produce.

Our mission is to cultivate food knowledge, local ingredients and techniques, and bring communities together. By supporting local industry, processing and distribution systems, we reduce our ecological footprint, supply fresher, healthier products, preserve open spaces, and decrease the time in transit from our chosen farms to your plate.

Let’s reconnect with our food. CultivatR provides you with the opportunity to make ethical, environmental, economical, and nutritious choices.