Fundraising With CultivatR

CultivatR 5% for Local Fundraising Initiative

CultivatR is Alberta’s Online Farmer’s Market. We are a Calgary-owned, grocery service that works with over 50 Alberta Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Artisans to source and deliver the best tasting Alberta Food products directly to your door.

We sell over 500 different products all artisanally created here in Calgary or grown on local surrounding farms. We operate similar to most online grocery store delivery services, bringing the convenience of online shopping to the farmers market experience. 

Recently we launched a new fundraising program called “5% for Local” that allows local community members to give back to our community while shopping for groceries online.

What is 5% for Local

As Entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to solve problems. Our 5% for Local program came about based on our experiences as both parents and business owners.

As parents, we are often bombarded with having to do fundraising for our kids' schools and activities. We know that without fundraising, our kids programs would suffer. However, doing bottle drives, working casinos and all of the other activities takes a lot of our time. When it comes to selling products or raffle tickets we are often left buying things we don’t really want or can’t use. It also creates a cycle of having to hit up our friends, co-workers and family to purchase things, knowing that we are going to have to return the favour. 

As local business owners, we want to support our community. Supporting local is at the heart of CultivatR’s mission. At CultivatR, we are fortunate to sell amazing groceries directly from Alberta Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Artisans. Everyone eats and buys groceries, so we thought, what if we made this an ongoing fundraising opportunity?

Our 5% for Local program is a win-win-win fundraising opportunity. Not only do you get to feed your family some of the best tasting and healthiest food available while supporting your local organization, you also get to support fellow Albertans. In addition, our online shopping and our delivery service saves you time.  

Here is some math to show you how it works:

Let’s say that your organization has 10 people who order from CultivatR. Our average customers order is $110 per week, so based on this, each order would contribute $5.50 to your organization. That’s $55/ week. On a yearly basis, that's $2,860 to your organization with no extra work required on your part. Our system tracks purchases based on your organization's custom code and payments are transferred automatically to your bank account. You will have access to an online dashboard so everything is fully transparent. It is kind of like a passive income for your organization. 

Why CultivatR 

Our goal is to change the food system and the relationship our communities have with food. We only sell products that are grown or made in Alberta. Every $1 spent with CultivatR puts an estimated $22 directly back into the local economy. Alberta grown products provide our customers with the freshest and most nutrient dense foods that are produced right here at home. We work with smaller scale farms who practice sustainable agriculture techniques and strive for the highest quality. This ranges from regenerative agriculture, a system which rebuilds the diversity in plant life back to its native species, all the way to aquaponics which is a closed loop system and can use the same water filtered over and over again by the plants and fish which it produces. With supporting local being one of the forefront issues in many areas of our society, why not start by eating local?

Eating local gives us the advantage of being able to provide the freshest produce available. We do not store inventory. For most of our produce it is not harvested until your order is placed.  Even in winter, you can have local tomatoes that are no more than a few days off the vine. You can taste the difference.

If your local charity or organization is interested in an ongoing fundraising partnership please reach out to us