Our community of farms and ranches has been carefully selected, to ensure they are following agricultural best practices that are better for the animals and our planet. Join our movement to reduce food waste, support local, hard working Albertan producers, and help to improve our food system.

Gemstone Grass fed Beef

The Doerksen family raises their cattle with an emphasis on animal health, soil health, and sustainability. Their beef is grass-fed and grass-finished.

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Bear & The Flower Farm

Christopher and Jessica raise free-range natural pork without GMOs, antibiotics, animal by-products, or added hormones. 

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Lambtastic Farms

Nancy and Ray’s sheep have the opportunity to roam and live naturally, and are raised without added hormones. Lambtastic Farms’s lamb is tender, succulent, and highly nutritious.

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Bowden Farm Fresh Chicken

Bowden Chicken enters its 3rd generation of poultry farming. Never once offering antibiotics, hormones, growth steroids, preservatives, or animal by-products in the feed.


Steel Pony Farms

Mike grows vegetables using environmentally-conscious growing methods, without using chemicals or pesticides. He prioritizes soil health, in order to grow the most nutritious and flavourful food possible.

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Micro Acres

David and Kirstin's focus on Growing in square feet not acres.  Producing the freshest locally grown microgreens. 


Red Fox Farms Fungi

Brad and Janine grow gourmet mushrooms without using chemicals, fertilizers, or manures. These aren’t your average mushrooms: each nutritious, colourful variety has a unique flavour and texture.

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Your Local Ranch

Wayne and Rhonda’s cattle are pastured on grass every day of the year.

Their beef is finished on grains, grasses, and forage, and dry-aged 21 days for maximum flavour.

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Saltcraft Meat Co.

At Salt Craft, Ivo combines locally-raised Albertan meats with Italian charcuterie techniques to create some of the most flavourful cured meats you’ll ever taste. 

Old School Cheesery

Patrick Dupuis and his children, Valerie, Victoria, and Sebastian, make handcrafted cheeses using pasteurized local milk. They add natural ingredients to create a wide range of specialty flavours.


Devil's Head Coffee

Tanis and Chris roast ethically sourced coffees from all over the world. Each coffee bean is roasted to provide you with the most colourful flavour we can muster. 

Dancing Goat Farm

Farmstead cheese makers, Paul and Craig provide their goats natural pastures to graze on. Happy goats equals great milk for making their small batch artisan cheeses.