Local Squash - Butternut Organic | Each (approx 1.75 lbs)

Mans Organics
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Butternut squash has a sweet, nutty taste similar to that of a pumpkin and is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium; as well vitamin A. 

While technically a fruit, butternut squash is used as a vegetable that can be roasted, sautéed, toasted, puréed for soups such as squash soup, or mashed to be used in casseroles, breads, muffins, and pies. 

Sold per Squash approx. 1.75 lbs.  

Mans Organics is a family farm started in 1994 and became organic in 2014.  They practice regenerative agriculture. Good soil means good food!

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