Alberta Natural Pork | Picnic Shoulder (Bone-In) | 4lb - 4.5lb

Bear and The Flower Farm
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Picnic shoulder is a cut of pork that comes from the shoulder area of the pig. Since the "shoulder" of a pig is a leg and pigs walk on all four legs, the picnic shoulder is a cut with muscles that get a lot of work. All that work of walking around gives the shoulder a lot of flavours; it also gives that cut what could be called a lot of texture.

Without proper cooking, it can be tough, but the right cooking method will bring out its fabulous flavour in the most tender of ways. Like pork butt, picnic shoulder benefits from long and slow cooking. In addition to slicing, it is great to cut up and use as stew meat and in chilis. Picnic shoulder can also be cooked whole and then served sliced, almost like ham. Keep it covered and moist while it cooks for the best results. Serve it warm, at room temperature, or chilled for a picnic. 

 Bear and the Flower Farm is devoted to providing superior and humanely outdoor raised pork products while revolutionizing the pork industry towards a globally conscious transformation. 

Bear and the Flower outdoor-raised pigs are happy year-round, with more than 1000 square footage per pig to roam, feed and play, supporting pasture regeneration and allowing for more waterers, shelters, feeders and ease of handling. Not only content to set the highest standards for ethics, nutrition and genetics, but Bear and the Flower have also taken their pork one step further into the food safety side of farming. They are now the first outdoor hog raised hog producer in the country to achieve Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA).  Their animals are completely free of Hormones and Antibiotics.

Approximately 4lb-4.5lb

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