Heat and Eat | Italian Style Pulled Pork | 500g

Soffritto Oil & Vinegar Bar
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Originating in Southern North America, pulled pork has become a cultural staple of modern BBQ's, game day celebrations, and summer gatherings. Cooked low and slow to develop its intense porky flavour and tenderness, this pulled pork is sauced with Italian flavour and ready to be enjoyed in sandwiches, inside tacos and on nachos, on its own with a homemade coleslaw, or however else you may like it. 

Sold per 500g package. Product arrives frozen. 

Located in the South of Calgary, Soffritto Oil & Vinegar Bar strives to share their own love of unique, handcrafted olive oils, vinegars, and hearty Italian fare with others. Offering all kinds of Italian goods in their store, they also operate an in-house kitchen, providing  sandwiches, fresh pasta, and take home meals. 



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