Artisan Charcuterie | Red Wine Prosciutto | 50g

Pioneer Butchery
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Pioneer Butchery and Charcuterie is a company that was built around tradition. In a world where the gap between the rural producer and urban consumer is wider than ever, it is Pioneer’s mission to be a bridge that connects our customers to their heritage. Our sausage, smokies and charcuterie products are made with locally sourced, naturally raised meats, just like the good old days. We have combined time tested methods with new ideas and flavors to create a distinct and exciting line of products.  All products are gluten free. Enjoy, and happy trails!


Comes in 50g packages.

Few things in life go together as well as Prosciutto and wine. We decided to take this relationship to the next level and add wine to our original recipe. 


Ingredients: Free range pork, red wine, brown sugar, salt, sodium nitrite



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