Fresh Seafood | Malpeque Oysters | 1 Dozen

Meta4 Foods
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While not being a local Alberta product, we at Cultivatr are supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs who care just as much as we do about food and have a passion for their products. 

Meta4 is owned and operated by Chef Eric Geisbrecht, a mainstay on the Calgary food scene offering up an amazing assorment of seafood and other products from all over North America and beyond. We are happy to call Eric a friend and his oysters are flown in weekly to Calgary straight from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 

Malpeque Oysters are an Atlantic oyster from one of the Prince Edward Island oyster appellations in Canada. They are cultivated in the pristine glacial depths of Malpeque Bay. Malpeque oysters have a little more robust flavor profile than the typically light-bodied flavor of other Maritime Province oysters, but not so powerful a flavor as to scare new oyster eaters away. They are easy to eat with tender meats and a nice balance between ocean brininess and sweetness.

Malpeque Oysters have a teardrop shaped shell with very tender meats. They are light-bodied with a crisp lettuce-like flavor, high brininess, and a clean, sweet finish.