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Duck eggs contain more vitamins A, B12 and D, as well as higher levels of Omega-3 than eggs from chickens similarly fed and pastured. Overall, they are more nutritious than chicken eggs. They are richer and creamier with a stronger taste than chicken eggs.

Although duck eggs can be prepared just like chicken eggs, overcooking can make them rubbery, so care should be taken to only just cook them through. 

Duck eggs contain less water and more fat than chicken eggs and have firmer whites, making them superior for baking and sought after by pastry chefs. Cakes and bread will rise better; cookies will be more moist and chewy. Omelets and quiches will be fluffier and custards creamier. Duck egg whites don’t whip up as well as chicken egg whites, but letting them come to room temperature and adding a bit of lemon juice helps.

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