Heat and Eat | Fully Loaded Potato Skins | 500g

Jenny's Delectables
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A go to across the country, Fully Loaded Potato Skins topped with smoked Alberta bacon, chives, and 3 cheeses are always a great choice for snacktime or as an appy. 

Jenny's Delectables signature potato stuffings.Established in May of 2016 Jenny' s Delectables began the production and sale of Gourmet Stuf'd Potatoes. The creation of an all natural home cooked product quickly grew in popularity throughout Southern Alberta. With a commitment to local growers and the absolute freshest ingredients available, Jenny's continued to supply the highest quality products possible.


Ingredients: Cheddar, Potatoes, Mozzarella, Potato Starch & Powdered Cellulose, Natamycin, Cream Cheese, Bacon, Scallions



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