Heat and Eat | Bacon Baked Potato Smash | 680g

Jenny's Delectables
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A great side for any dinner spread, these smashed potatoes are ready for the oven and make dinner that much easier. Rich and creamy with bacon and green onions, these potatoes hit all the notes. Whats the difference between smashed and mashed potato? Smashed potatoes have slightly more texture than their silky smooth cousins, but just as much flavour. 

Sold per 680g tray. Product arrives frozen. 

Ingredients: Potatoes, cream cheese, half and half, bacon, green onion. 

Established in May of 2016 Jenny' s Delectables began the production and sale of Gourmet Stuf'd Potatoes. The creation of an all natural home cooked product quickly grew in popularity throughout Southern Alberta. With a commitment to local growers and the absolute freshest ingredients available, Jenny's continued to supply the highest quality products possible.



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