Artisan Dairy | Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt - Plain | 500g

Vital Green Farms
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Skyr is an Icelandic cultured dairy product. It has the consistency of strained yogurt, but a milder flavor. Skyr can be classified as a fresh sour milk cheese (similar to curd cheese eaten in Germany and Russia) but is consumed like a yogurt.

Vital Green Farms is a family operated, local, organic dairy farm with on-farm processing. Their goal is to keep everything as close to nature as possible. This starts by feeding the soil with the natural nutrients that the plants take up and which in turn the animals eat and put into a miraculous food: MILK

All products are non-homogenized, which gives it the ‘good olden days taste’. They pasteurize milk at a low temperature, which is the minimum required by law.



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