Alberta Free Range Chicken | Chicken Livers | 1lb

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Farm Fresh Chicken products that are free range and feed only non GMO grain, no animal products, no antibiotics or hormones.

Chicken livers are becoming popular again as nutrient dense a superfood that is rich in Iron and B Vitamins. Not only are they rich in nutrients but they are packed with flavour if cooked right. Try them in pate or mousse, or sauteed with pancetta and browned onions served on crostini, or dust with orange zest, wrap in prosciutto and quickly fry. Chicken livers are best when thoroughly washed and soaked overnight in milk. When cooking they should be set but still rosy pink inside. Served this way, they are silky with a complex flavor. Cook them even a little too long and the texture becomes chalky and the taste more one-note bitter.



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