Grain Finished Flat Iron Steak Pack

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The Flat Iron steak has gained popularity, now appearing in grocery stores and on restaurant menus as a good alternative to more expensive steaks; it is nearly as tender as a tenderloin at a fraction of the cost. Flat iron steak - also known as a top blade steak is cut from the shoulder of the beef and is nicely marbled with lots of beefy flavours. When cooked properly, a flat iron steak turns out tender and juicy.

This package includes:

2 (min 6oz) Flat Iron Steaks

2 (1 lb) Ground Beef Packages

1 (1 lb) Stew Meat Pack

1 (1 lb) Stir Fry Meat

If you like we can turn your ground beef into burger patties for $3 more.  

We dry age our beef for a minimum of 14 days. All of our meat is humanely handled and inspected in facilities licensed by the province of Alberta. 

Your Local Ranch Ltd (YLR) is family owned and operated.  Your Local Ranch beef is raised naturally with no added hormones.  All of YLR's animals are born on the ranch and spend their entire life under the watchful eyes of the Hanson Family.  All Cuts are dry aged for a minimum of 14 days for maximum flavour.

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact us here.

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