Local Chili Oil | 227g - Cultivatr - Farm to Table
Local Chili Oil | 227g - Cultivatr - Farm to Table

Artisan Condiments and Spreads | Chili Oil - Various Flavors | 227g

Seven Spice
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A spicy and flavourful garlic chili oil, unlike anything available for sale in North America, unmatched in its ability to complement a countless variety of dishes, snacks and cuisines. Seven Spice Chili Oil’s unique flavour doesn’t overpower your food, but rather enhances it. Great as a dip, spice or base, our product can be used in a wide variety of ways

Individual Jar - 227g

Seven Spice Chili Oils are free of MSG and come from local sources that are both trusted and natural. Their secret recipes come with the promise of no artificial flavours, preservatives or additives. They are shelf stable, no refrigeration, a year and a half shelf life from date of production. In fact, some of the ingredients are already recognized globally for their short and long-term health benefits.

Mild Ingredients: Sunflower oil, garlic, sweet red bell pepper flakes, coconut, sesame oil, salt, sugar, chili pepper flakes, and citric acid.

Hot Ingredients: Sunflower oil, garlic, crushed chili flakes, sesame oil, coconut, sea salt, sugar, citric acid.



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