Alberta Grass Fed Lamb | Loin Chops | 4 Pack

Lambtastic Farms
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Lamb Loin Chops are cut from the back of the animal. Many grilling websites refer to them as "porterhouse" or "T-bone" of lamb chops. They look like a T-bone steak from a cow, and they contain two muscles, the loin and tenderloin

Lambtastic Farms is what happens when two chefs come together to raise sheep. Their mission uses their food and taste knowledge to raise their animals with sound management and ethical practices – a recipe for the tender and succulent premium Alberta Lamb. Flocks are fed alfalfa, mixed hay and grain rations that are planted and harvested by Ray and Nancy themselves. The sheep are never fed by-products or growth hormones. They roam Southern Alberta’s spacious fields to feed on natural grasslands and drink from sparkling waters.

Average Sizing: 1lb

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