You are Going to Go Nuts for This Butter!

Peanut butter played a major role in many of our childhoods and Margaret, the founder of nudemarket, wants you to rediscover that first food love with one of the most important pantry staples – all-natural nut butter.

nudemarket is a Calgary based nut butter maker that is built as a socially and environmentally conscious brand that cares about community, connection and convenience. Margaret, like many of our makers, growers, harvesters and farmers – wants to see us all ask important and pressing questions about our food.

Where did it come from? How was it made? What’s in it?

And those questions are what led to Margaret wanting to create a simpler, more sustainable nut butter that is non-GMO, vegan, keto, fair trade, sustainable, and gluten-free by nature (although it is not certified gluten-free).

The Science of Making Nut Butter.

Turns out, delicious nut butter can be a pretty simple recipe.

Step 1.

Take high-quality, dry roasted nuts, sourced from the USA, where the low humidity leads to healthier nuts.

Step 2.


What makes nudefood nut butter so special then?

It’s everything that is not put into it. No extra oils, salt, preservatives, sugar, or use of nuts roasted with extra oil.

nudefood peanut butter is really special to Margaret as well, because it is how she got started on the market's zero waste journey. 

“For us at nudemarket, our peanut butter isn't just a spread, it is a lifestyle movement, and one that we want to share with everyone. Sustainability never tasted so good!” –Margaret

Oh, and before you ask, no they will not expand into Almond Butter, as Margaret wants to support the use of ingredients and foods that are easy to obtain and sustainably grown. Almonds are extremely water and resource-intensive compared to peanuts.

Isn’t this stuff just for kids?

No. It is 100% adult friendly.

Margaret is a vehement champion for nudefood’s peanut butter as an adult accoutrement and if you don’t believe her, check out her Cinco de Mayo inspired recipe below:

Peanut Ginger Chalupas

And then head over to CultivatR and add a jar or two of one of her delicious peanut butter flavours to your next order!

Chocolate Peanut Butter



Crunchy Peanut Butter



Coconut Peanut Butter



Smooth Peanut Butter



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