What Is The CultivatR Team Eating?

What happens when you have 2.5 chefs working for your company? We get asked a lot. What do you eat at home for dinner? 

Starting today, we are going to be running a new blog series, where we will introduce you to our CultivatR Family and what we are eating.  

First, Let's introduce you to the CultivatR Team:

Chef Kai- Kai is our CFO (Chief Food Officer), he is responsible for all things food related at CultivatR. Kai is married and has three kids (aged 9-19) at home. There is a lot of food consumed in this house.

Kevin (also a Chef) - Is responsible for our operations. Kevin has a young family, with an 18 month old daughter.  As a lot of us know, when you have a baby life becomes full of surprises. 

Nic - is our Marketing guru, the young guy on our team, still living the bachelor life. While he is not a chef, he still loves cooking, and tries to eat at home.

Dan - Dan our Co-Founder is the .5 chef. He worked as a chef, but has been out of the restaurant business for a long time. His family consists of Joanne (our other Co-Founder), his three year old, and another baby due in the next 3 weeks.  Dan’s family defines a busy and hectic lifestyle.

Cooking is something that unites our team. We all love connecting with our family and friends over food and hope to inspire our customers with good ingredients and cooking ideas. 

Here's what we cooked last week:

Kevin: “This week, my daughter was a bit under the weather, so that meant I didn’t have a lot of time or energy to prep anything extensive, so I wanted comfort food.

We ended up having the De Minico’s Lasagna. It was really easy and delicious. Just pop it in the oven.”

De Minicos Frozen Lasagna

Nic -  “I cook for myself, which some people say is the most challenging. But it's really easy, and saves me a lot of money vs eating out.

I made Pork chops with Mashed Potatoes and a greek salad. It was simple and easy to make. Russet potatoes, Bear and Flower pork chops barbecued with just salt and pepper finished with the Sweet Sticky Icky barbecue sauce from Bow Valley BBQ.
The salad was made with the Deepwater Blend, tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and feta, with a simple olive oil and brassica mustard dressing.”

Bear and Flower Farm Porkchop

Dan - “In our home, delicious and simple is how we eat most nights. We save our fancy cooking for the weekend.

This week, we chose Arepa Boss Smoked Chicken Legs, with their Guasacaca sauce, roasted Fingerlings and a tomato and red onion salad.
This meal is all about flavour. The smoked chicken legs are out of this world, and if you haven’t tried the guasacaca sauce it will blow your mind (but you have to like cilantro).
Arepo Boss Guasacaca Sauce
This is a super easy meal, the only prep work was slicing the tomatoes, onions, and mixing them with olive oil, lime juice, salt, and pepper. When you have the best ingredients, food is easy.”  

Arepo Boss Smoked Chicken Legs

Chef Kai -  “We decided to have a Charcuterie board style dinner this week. I added oysters to this as well. It was pretty exciting as this is the first time my 9 year old daughter tried oysters. 

Malpeque Oysters

I had an assortment of our cheeses for the board which consisted of; smoked gouda, brie, and goat. Two different types of salami from Salt Craft Meat Co., a pate made from our chicken livers, and toasted sourdough. I also like to add a bit of fruit to charcuteries, I went with pear being as it is in season and pairs nicely with the salty cheeses.”

 Gourmet Pate

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