What Are We Eating?

We are back with another set of meal inspirations from our team, who have been right back on the grind this new year.

Chef Kai used his leftover porchetta in a decadent mac & cheese dish. He used the Alberta Pike garlic gouda and cheddar for this dish, and topped it with brown butter herb breadcrumbs. We all love a good homemade mac & cheese and what better way to easily feed a large family of 5. The addition of the porchetta is something only a chef would think to do but it adds a depth of flavour and texture to the dish that a standard pork roast just couldn't hold.

Nic whipped up a Thai dish using the GR8 Thai Sauce Curry. It is an easy dinner that takes less than 30 minutes and is a great way to use up any vegetables you have in the fridge. Nic's version used potatoes, carrots, and onions left over from his last CultivatR order before the holidays.


Dan made a parsnip, potato and leek soup to take advantage of the root vegetables and leeks that are in season this time of year. The flavours of this dish were sweet and savoury. Using a rich chicken bone broth was a way to create extra flavour and nutrition.

Kevin made a CultivatR winter jambalaya. The dish included Bear and Flower chorizo, Arepa Boss smoked chicken legs, beets, agria potatoes and Deep Water greens mix over a mouthwatering romesco sauce. The amount of nutrients packed into this dish, will help you feel great after any holiday indulgences.

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