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We wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and reflect on CultivatR’s roots and our mission. When we started in 2018, our ultimate vision was to build a local, traceable and transparent food system so that we can all know where our food comes from. We wanted Albertans to have a real connection to the families that feed our families.

What we are building is more than just a website that offers grocery delivery. We are trying to change agriculture, so it is better for everyone involved, not just a few companies.

We knew our current food system was broken, and that we needed to change it. We spent a lot of time looking at the good and the bad in the current food model. We discovered some really interesting data that showed how we could solve some pretty large problems, just by changing the method that food gets to us.

COVID-19 has unfortunately proven how broken our model really is. Our food system has actually caused more harm than good. Our system of mass produced and supposedly “cheap food” cost our community a lot, and not just in dollars. We have seen producers that have products that are going rotten, while at the same time there were shortages of food for people to eat. We have seen food companies profit, yet ask the government for help to pay their workers better wages.

We wish the solution was as simple as clicking a few buttons on our website. Buying local solves maybe 20% of the problem. We are working on solving the other 80% and are seeing some really exciting opportunities to use agriculture to rebuild Alberta’s economy and create good jobs that Albertans need.

When you support CultivatR you are supporting the creation of better technology and new infrastructure, so that we can change agriculture and use it to rebuild Alberta’s economy.

We are imagining a stronger Alberta through farming.

Most importantly, once you realize how much better it is for your family and how enjoyable it is to always have truly farm fresh food at your fingertips – you may cut down on your need for packaged and processed foods, helping us all eat better, fresher really good food.

So, we love how many new families are discovering amazing Albertan farming families and we hope you see what we are trying to accomplish and build through CultivatR. Together, we can disrupt the old and broken Canadian food system.

Dan Berezan (Founder) and the entire CultivatR Family.

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