Veggies Galore at Lund’s Organic Farm

Lund's Organic Farm brings you certified organic, locally grown produce. Their harvest connects you and your family back to the land with nourishing and delicious vegetables.

Lund’s focuses on field crops grown outdoors in harmony with the seasons, picked at peak perfection and made available to you through community-supported farmers’ markets and, of course, CultivatR!

Lund's Organic Farm is a certified organic family farm located one and a half kilometres northwest of the town of Innisfail. It has been certified organic since 1988. Lund’s grows a variety of vegetables, with the emphasis on cold weather crops such as carrots, spinach, lettuce, and several potato varieties. Cool weather crops grow very well in cool, shady Central Alberta. Their farmland is made up of gently rolling hills with an abundance of natural shelterbelts and waterways. The soil is rich and black, and is 12-24 inches deep. It was used as pasture before they took over the farm, and therefore has never been sprayed with chemicals of any sort.

Soil fertility is maintained with the use of various varieties of grain. Currently, they run a three-year rotation—they grow grains for two years, plow them into the ground and grow vegetables in the third year.  Lund’s Farm has also set aside wildlife refuge for native birds and mammals to help control insects and pests in crops and to maintain a balanced farm ecosystem. All waterways are protected, as are nesting sites for many native birds.

Certified organic vegetables have been produced in accordance with specific guidelines and organic standards, as established by the certifying agency. Each year, Lund's Farm is inspected by an independent inspector to verify that it meets or exceeds the standards.

We talked to Sarah Block of Lund’s Organic Farm who was happy to tell us more about their amazing farm. 

What are some of Lund's major achievements? 

Lund's Organic Farm was one of six Alberta farms to certify organically under the Sustainable Agriculture Association in 1988. We are the only one of those six original farms to still be in operation. In 1984, Gert and his wife Betty farmed part-time with only a quarter acre, growing potatoes, carrots, cabbage and beets. In 1988, they started farming full time expanding to two acres. By 2006, they were working twenty-five acres of vegetables, but are now down to twelve acres. 

What were some of the challenges you faced as a local producer? 

Breaking into the conventional produce market as organic farmers was indeed a challenge. Good workers are always hard to find but having access to the Foreign Workers Program allowed several people to help over the years. And last but not least, weather is always a test of the farmer's spirit. Currently, we are being threatened by urban development by the town of Innisfail who have annexed the farmland in 2007. Eventually it will be a residential area as well as a school, however, there is no timeframe for that to occur. 

What is Lund's vision and company culture? 

As an organic farmer, Gert has always strived to be the best he could be. He has successfully passed on his knowledge and love of the land to his son, Mads, who he hopes will take Lund's Organic Farm in a direction that will bring success to him as well as to his three sons. We endeavour to educate our customers about smart eating and to bring safe nutritious food to their homes. 

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Check back regularly to see what new produce we carry—summer is right around the corner!

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