Ukrainian Night

 Brought to you by our in-house Chef Kai Salimaki

“When you put so much effort into something so simple, you create something magical that is just incomparable.” - The Pierogerie

At CultivatR, we are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting local products from all over Alberta. One product that we have been on a constant hunt for was an authentic pierogi and cabbage roll. Our owners, having Ukrainian roots, tasked us to find a product that was delicious, unique and as close to authentic as we good could get. 

Well we went and did exactly that! 

While we have had different pierogies over the years at CultivatR, all which were good, these ones are legit and have inspired this blog post and the theme of Ukrainian Nights!

About the Pierogerie

Setting up shop in Sherwood Park, Alberta, The Pierogerie Polish Foods are cranking out authentic, hand made, Pierogies and Cabbage Rolls using organic ingredients.  Using hand selected premium ingredients from their own organic farm, these delicate dumplings are hand made and bursting with filling and flavour.

We have certain pillars or guidelines at CultivatR that companies need to meet in order to be listed with us. When we onboard new companies, we make sure that new vendors understand our commitment to farming practices, quality ingredients and sustainability. Thankfully, looking into The Pierogerie, it wasn’t an issue at all!

“As organic farmers, we are stewards of the land we occupy, and so it is our duty to practice farming in a way that not only preserves our habitat, but actively works to support and regenerate it. We do this by implementing regenerative agriculture practices that puts carbon back into the soil, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, reverses desertification, and increases biodiversity, all while producing nutrient-rich food that feeds your body the way nature intended.” 

Let me tell you, it is no small feat to be labeled Certified Organic!

The Pierogies

Well we have talked about The Pierogerie as a company and farm, but now let’s talk about the actual food and what other products we have that compliment these as a meal or even a quick snack!

What makes these pierogies unique is that there is no boiling required! Just give them a sear in a frying pan and cook until heated through. 

Whenever I make Pierogies for the family, there is always a request for sauteed bacon (or sausage) and onions as well as loads of sour cream. If you purchase the sour cream from Vital Greens Farms, be prepared for a wonderfully thick cream that is far superior to anything you will find in your local grocery store.

Try cutting The Ukey Sausage or Kolbassa sausage into coins and sautéing with onions and garlic as a great accompaniment.  One item to round out this dish to truly make it authentic would be adding a generous amount of Holy Kraut Sauerkraut to the dish. I am a huge fan of most things fermented and pickled and I can tell you that when I first tried this Kraut, it blew my mind. Beautifully crunchy and full of flavour, it has your mouth salivating like Pavlov’s dog every time you open the jar. 

The Cabbage Rolls

Pierogies are done, now for those Cabbage rolls! 


My background is Finnish and I spent most of my summers growing up in the Finland countryside. I have seen my fair share of cabbage rolls across Europe and have attempted numerous times to make them. If you have ever made cabbage rolls, you know first hand how laborious they can be. Save the time and money and buy these…now. Made from all organic ingredients, these fist sized cabbage rolls are hearty and delicious. I have since been told that these cabbage rolls need to be a mainstay in our household, and they will be. Thaw and bake or if you are impatient like I am, I removed the lid and added a little beef stock to the dish and baked from frozen, it worked out perfectly, but keep an eye on them! 

Make Food Fun Again! 

Experiment, try new products and make dinner a celebration for the whole family.


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