The Magic Of Mushrooms: From Lions Mane to Oystes Mushrooms

a box with the 3 variety of mushrooms

Mushrooms are some of Earth's most magical and mysterious living organisms. They are the lifeform of most plants in our forests, and the brains behind their continual growth. 

Those that can be eaten are delicious and packed full of nutrients. Not only are they good for your body health, they are fantastic for your brain as well! 

CultivatR provides a locally grown source of mushrooms which includes; Blue Oyster, Lions Mane, and a mixed variety pack. 

Lions Mane Mushrooms

Lions Mane Mushrooms are a mushroom that can be enjoyed raw, cooked, or steeped into tea. They have a seafood-like flavour often compared to that of crab, or lobster.

These mushrooms are jam packed with nutrients that can have many benefits to the overall body and mind. Lions Mane mushrooms provide a long list of benefits. 

  • Protect against dementia, by stimulating the growth of brain cells; hericenones and erinacines
  • Relieve symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Speed recovery of nervous system injuries
  • Protect against ulcers
  • Reduce chances of heart disease
  • Helps manage diabetes symptoms
  • Reduces inflammation & oxidative stress
  • Boosts immune system
Lions Mane Mushroom

Blue Oyster Mushrooms

Blue Oyster Mushrooms are a variety of the more common Oyster Mushroom. They will provide the same nutritional benefits as most other Oyster Mushrooms, but the flavour can vary between all the different types.

Blue Oyster specifically has a very subtle taste that blends well with most any dish. The flavour profile for these would be mild sweetness and woodsy. Though they tend to encompass the flavour mainly of the dish they are served in. 

The benefits of an Oyster Mushroom are not quite as prominent as that of the Lions Mane, but they do boast a marvelous amount of reasons why you should incorporate them into your diet. 

  • Rich in Nutrients
  • Source of antioxidants
  • May benefit heart health
  • Promote blood sugar regulation
  • Support immune health and boost immune system
  • Improvement of gut health and anti-inflammatory effects
Blue Oyster Mushroom


Now that you know why you should be eating more mushrooms and specifically those that our market provides, let's take a recipe from Chef Kai on how to prepare these mushrooms like a gourmet chef!

Mushrooms On Toast

This simple yet elegant dish is the perfect way to fancify any dinner party or just your typical family dinner in just 20 minutes. Originally loved by the British during tea, it has now been made suitable for any occasion. 


1lb Assorted Mushrooms (Red Fox Farms)

2 Tbsp Butter (Foothills Creamery)

1 Tbsp Olive Oil (Nefiss Lezizz) or neutral cooking oil (Mountainview Colony)

2 Garlic Cloves (Various Suppliers)

1 Shallot (Various Suppliers)

¼ Cup Creme Fraiche (Vital Green Farms

⅛ Cup Cream (Vital Green Farms)

¼ Lemon

1 tsp Dried Parsley (Township 27)

1 Tbsp Sherry/ White Cooking Wine (Optional)

Microgreens (Micro Acres)

Sourdough Loaf Sliced (Sidewalk Citizen Bakery)


Step 1
Get pan with oil hot - add chopped mushrooms, salt and pepper
Saute until Mushrooms are lightly browned 

Step 2
Add Butter, Shallots, and finely chopped Garlic
Saute until Shallots are translucent

Step 3 
Add Sherry or White Cooking Wine 
Reduce for 2-3 mins

Step 4
Add Creme Fraiche, Cream, Dried Parsley, and a squeeze of lemon to pan 
Let simmer for another 2-3 minutes

Step 5
Toast bread until golden, and lightly butter 

Step 6
Spoon Mushrooms and sauce mixture onto toasted bread 
Garnish with your favourite Fresh Microgreens

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