The Best Seafood Available in Alberta.

Some of our long time fans and customers will remember hearing about Skipper Otto when we first announced the partnership, but we thought it was time to make a proper introduction!

And getting to know Sonia, Shaun and the entire Skipper Otto team has made it really easy to forgive them for being from BC (we joke of course).

One Good Thing about the West Coast...

Sonia and Shaun Strobel founded Skipper Otto because they wanted to help Shaun's dad (Skipper Otto himself) get a fair price for his catch and to connect directly with seafood lovers.

The same broken systems that we are working to fix at CultivatR, are the same types of broken systems that Skipper Otto is looking to solve in the seafood industry - and we were so excited when we learned about their mission and how they wanted to find a way to serve their Albertan members with home delivery through CultivatR. 

So Much More Than Just Sockeye Salmon!

One of the most interesting parts of working with Skipper Otto has been learning so much about the diverse seafood we have access to off of the West Coast of Canada.

From the incredible and delicious Lingcod (which can sometimes have a beautiful emerald green tone because of their high chlorophyll diet!) to the famous Halibut (perfect for Fish and Chips) to the lesser known rockfish like Hake and the sushi ready Albacore Tuna!

The West Coast of Canada is filled with an incredible and renewable food source - when managed and harvest properly!

What is a CSF?

So how exactly does the Community Supported Fishery model work?

Step 1: Make a pledge to your community. Sign up and pay before the fishing season starts to secure your share of the catch. Don't worry about guessing your perfect size; you can top up or rollover small unused amounts later.

Step 2: Skipper Otto's fishermen hit the seas. Our local, independent fishing families love working with us because we treat them with the dignity and humanity they deserve, paying timely, living wages, and helping with the steep upfront costs of fishing.

Step 3: Take your pick from our catch. We'll help you eat with the ecosystem by explaining what your most abundant and sustainable choices are each year. Browse from our wide selection of both popular favourites and lesser-known delicacies you won't find anywhere else and choose only what you want.

Step 4: When you are choosing your pick-up location, select CultivatR as your preference. Then, when you place your next CultivatR order, you need to select the option to include your Skipper Otto seafood with your delivery.

Fresh off the Docks!




Skipper Ottos Sign Up Season Closes May 31st! 

If you are interesting in getting some incredible Seafood as part of your regular CultivatR orders - we encourage you to visit their website and learn more about their Community Supported fishery!



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