Sudo Farm & The Importance of Local Food Systems


CultivatR is invested in local food systems, but many of our customers might not know what that means. A food system is a collaborative system that uses networks to integrate sustainable food production, processing, distribution, consumption, and the management of waste, in a way that benefits the environmental, economic, and social health of the community. Local food systems are built around food hubs, which facilitate access to markets for small and medium-sized producers and provide customers more options for fresh, healthy food.

Behind all the technical talk and definitions really what we’re talking about are things like farmers' markets, independent grocers, and food cooperatives which have been around for a very long time. CultivatR has simply taken things online, allowing them to both work with more food producers, and reach more customers.


Farming With Integrity

Sudo Farm is just one such farm that we’ve partnered with. Located in the Lethbridge area Sudo Farm was founded (and is run) by Nobby Sudo and has been specializing in cabbage, squash, beets, beans, and peas for over 20 years. Nobby takes pride in providing high-quality, fresh produce in a difficult climate. Though Lethbridge has a long history of agricultural production, it is very dry and is the irrigation capital of Canada. This irrigation system allows Sudo Farm to thrive during the busy spring and summer planting seasons.

Lethbridge's Food Systems

Sudo Farm is very invested in Lethbridge's food systems – not only do they supply seasonal produce to CultivatR customers, but they also supply produce to a variety of local cafés and restaurants. Nobby and Sudo Farms has been a part of the changing food system landscape in southern Alberta since 1997. These food systems are valuable to the community because:

  • The local nature of growing, processing, and distribution creates jobs for the community
  • Selling directly to consumers boost’s farmers' incomes
  • Small family farms like Sudo Farm are more likely to spend their money in the community and use farming practices that are better for the community's environment
  • Buying local encourages dollars to stay and circulate within the community

Supporting small, family-run farms like Nobby’s helps us all live in healthier and stronger communities.


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