Simple Chef Tricks To Elevate Your Weekday Meals

Kitchen countertop and a stovetop on cooking spaghetti with red sauce in a pan

We are all looking forward to the upcoming long weekend but not many of us are thinking about the week after the holiday. Fast forward to when May Long Weekend has ended and you have arrived home from camping to an empty fridge. Luckily, you placed your grocery order with Cultivatr and your groceries will arrive and you won't have to rush Tuesday morning to do your shopping (phew!).

We have some amazing quick meals that take the fuss out of cooking but deliver in flavor! 

These quick dishes won’t take long and are extremely simple but with a couple of “chefy” tricks and quality local ingredients, we can take those basic meals and kick them up a notch.

Not So Basic Red Sauce and Pasta

Pasta with marinara sauce and garnish on a plate and fork


Take your choice of Soffritto fresh pasta, a jar of De Minico’s Tomato Basil Marinara and kick it up by sautéing Salt Craft Meat Co’s guanciale till crispy. Add a couple of crushed cloves of garlic and simmer. Garnish with Vincenzo’s ParmX Grated Parmesan and freshly torn Rafferty Farm’s Heirloom Basil. Drizzle with Nefiss Lezizz Devine Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cracked black pepper.

Total Ingredients: 7

Red Miso Bacon Fried Rice

Red miso bacon fried rice on dark green plate and fork on the side


Grab a pack of Grainworks Organic Basmati rice and cook according to package directions and allow to cool. Sauté sliced Respect The Technique Red Miso bacon with ginger and garlic. Add frozen peas (optional) and add rice back in and saute. Bake The Go Tu  Traditional Pork Spring Rolls. Plate it up and add Cultured Shock Kimchi and drizzle the rice with The Go Tu  Sweet Hoisin sauce.

Total Ingredients: 8

Lamb Souvlaki Pitas

pita with lamb, cucumber, tomatoes on white plate on a wooden table


Preheat your oven and cook the Lambtastic Farms Marinated Lamb Souvlaki Skewers. Remove Lamb from skewers once cooked. Using a Cedar’s Deli Pita, slather it with Cedar’s Deli Tzatziki, add diced Galimax (various producers) Cucumbers and Roma Tomatoes, sliced red onion and sliced Nefiss Lezizz Sun Dried Smoked Olives. Serve with a side salad or Greek style Rice Pilaf.

Total Ingredients: 7


If you've just finished reading this post, you are probably as hungry as we are. Make sure you head over to our online market to pick up some of these amazing products to prepare you for the week ahead!

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