The Fun-guis at Red Fox Farms

For the Love of Fungus.

Located near Strathmore, Alberta, Red Fox Farms has been in operation for five years and founded their fungi branch over a year ago. Brad and Janine now specialize in growing mushrooms, which are rich in nutrients and have a variety of unique flavour profiles.

Red Fox Fungi’s mushrooms are a variety of tree-loving mushrooms, meaning that they are grown in sawdust, without the use of manure. They are also chemical-and pesticide-free. The mushrooms are grown year-round in a controlled greenhouse climate. Because their mushrooms have a two-week crop cycle, they can be grown to meet customer demand without any waste. 

Cleaning up the Mushroom Game, One Mycelium at a Time.

Red Fox Fungi is consistently focused on sustainability in all of its practices. The only single-use plastics in their entire growing process are lab necessities, they fabricate their equipment instead of having it shipped in and they use efficient lighting and heating techniques. All vegetable waste is composted or fed to animals such as bees or pigs.

Janine and Brad’s hope is that with initiatives like CultivatR, more people than ever will be able to have access to nutritious, farm-fresh food.

Urban Exodus

Janine and Brad started their journey of looking to find a way to create something unique for Alberta’s farming scene when Janine had a vision.
After some convincing, Brad was on board and so began their journey to bringing ingenuity and creativity to grow amazing mushrooms, something that should be impossible in our climate!

A couple of years later and Red Fox Fungi now grows 10 extremely unique species, all of which are harvested the same day they are delivered. This is really one of the most important reasons why Red Fox Mushrooms have such amazing texture, taste and diversity – they are incredibly fresh and travel a very short distance before they arrive on your fork!

The Toddlers of the Farming World

Mushrooms are finnicky, very particular – and they grow up way to fast. But the CultivatR family is so happy that Janine, Brad and the entire Red Fox Fungi team love to raise these beautiful and edible lifeforms.

We won’t lie, these things are incredibly popular, so we apologize if they are sold out by the time you read this, but don’t worry – we are regularly ordering and stocking up on more of Red Foxes magical goodness, so make sure to check back before order cut-off to add these to your basket.









Welcome to Flavour Country

Welcome to Flavour Country To help you appreciate the beauty that are these fungi, Janine and Brad have to put together this amazing flavour profile guide for all of their species.

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