Not Your Run of the Mill, Flour Mill

Sowing Good Seeds

Since 1988 Dwayne Smith has been building a business “sowing good seeds” on the farm…and in life. Grainworks began with their great grandparents’ caring for the land on their prairie homesteads over 100 years ago. The farm was certified organic in 1988 when the mill was opened and they have been “sowing good seeds” building relationships with other sustainable organic farms ever since.

Dwayne knows that great food comes from working the land the way nature intended. Sustainable farming is the cornerstone of his family farm and grain mill. Always has been, always will be. Grainworks is proud to be both tillers of seed and millers of flour. All of their flour, grains, rice, beans, and lentils are either tilled on their 8000-acre farm or sourced from their certified organic farming partners and milled right here in Alberta.



If the Bugs Won’t Eat It Why Should We

Dwane's goal is to achieve the greatest nutrient value possible through good, organic farming, and milling practices. As a certified Organic mill, he believes that healthy organic grains produced in harmony with nature, without the use of pesticides and herbicides not only provide better nutrition but are also more flavourful... "If the bugs won't eat it, why should we?"

Small Batch, Milled to Order

All flours are milled in small batches to order. No additives, blending agents, or preservatives are used. Grainworks mills at low temperatures to preserve the healthiest parts of the grain- the bran and the germ. This retains valuable nutrients and yields flour rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. So you can enjoy the healthful benefits of the “whole” grain in your baked goods.

"We are proud to be both tillers of seed and millers of flour, and are excited to be able to share our bounty with you."








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